Our Online coaching is a blended coaching, learning and action program which uses online one on one coaching and action-based learning in the business. Each coaching session is tailored to your needs. Get in touch for a free 15 minute taster session.

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For Leaders | New Programme

Leading with Authenticity

Speak with impact  | Drive change and transformation  | Build your own leadership brand

Rediscovering your authentic voice, you regain the ability to connect directly with individuals and audiences as your real, authentic self. They see a truer you, more fluid, natural ability and inspiring. 3 Modules (total of 13 sessions) 1hr online sessions once a week over 13 weeks.

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Virtual Meeting | Every Friday 9.30am or 4pm (30mins session)

Storytelling in Action

Every Friday we will host 2 Storytelling in Action sessions. These FREE 30 minute workshops are a great opportunity to work on a specific story for use in business. Pop in and practice telling your stories, share with a small group and get immediate feedback and insight from the facilitator and other participants. This is a great way to ensure you are story telling with impact and also to practice your story telling in a safe environment.

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Webinar | Third Thursday of every month

Story & Strategy

Thursday February 18th (30mins FREE webinar @11am) Kick start your new year in business with a fresh clarity on how to engage people around your business. Join Padraig Hyland as he introduces the importance of incorporating Story into your Strategy. In this short webinar, Padraig will explore the connection between Story and Strategy and how leaders can build belief, confidence and high levels of engagement with a strategy story.
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For Leaders & Individuals

Finding your Authentic Voice

Uncover your true purpose  | Engage your audience  | Differentiate yourself

We are all born with a unique voice. Over time this voice can become lost in our need to conform. This module guides you on a journey to find, experience and explore the power of your unique authentic voice so you can connect with the people you want to reach. 4 sessions 1hr each. 

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Webinar | Third Thursday of every month

Conscious Communication 2

Thursday March 18th (30mins FREE webinar @11am) Following on from Neils Conscious Communication Webinar in November, Neil explains in a little more detail how we can remain more empathetic towards others and create cleaner communication pathways with those who we work alongside with. Neil will ask us to find that which gets in the way of better heart communication and point us the right way in improving how we communicate.

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For Leaders, Individuals & Start-ups

Story Crafting

Convey a strategy or message  | Connect & persuade  | Create amazing experiences

Emotion trumps rationality so ensuring you have a well crafted story will impact the success of your business. This module looks at the makeup of a well-crafted story. It reflects on the many current stories to create a coherent narrative that can provide a sense of meaning and identity which enables you to construct possible new and authentic narratives. 4 sessions 1hr each.

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For Leaders & Individuals


Develop your public speaking, pitches & presentations  | Event specific prep

Delivery is as important as content and this module looks at storytelling techniques that could be used to differentiate your message and engage and excite stakeholders. Enabling you to build better relationships, communicate your business’s value and take the stakeholder on a persuasive journey. 4 sessions 1hr each.

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Not sure which Webinar would suit you?

Don’t miss our FREE 30 minute webinars each month on the third Thursday for you to try. Get in touch and we can help you select which webinar will suit your needs.
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For Business | Tailored Package Available

Strategy Story

Alignment across the business  | Unique market position  | High levels of engagement

Good strategy engages the heart and the mind. We identify your unique and authentic qualities to craft your bespoke strategy story. This is a story specifically designed to energise your business. The story brings clarity to complex environments, stimulating engagement and enthusiasm among personnel, customers and stakeholders. What makes you unique, makes you powerful. Each programme is tailored to a company’s needs.

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Virtual Meeting | Tailored Package

Tailored One to One Coaching

You have an important event, meeting or interview and you want some expert coaching support? The Core Story™ offers a tailored session from our specialist team of senior coaches. Designed to enable leaders to create and deliver a highly engaging events using techniques from business leadership, oratory and theatre performance. Meetings can be tailored to your needs. Request a call back to find out more.

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