Strategy Story

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Strategy Story

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* Request a free 15-minute call back to get insight on how the programme might be of benefit to you.

As the world of business evolves, and the pace of change increases, the challenge for many businesses is to remain relevant, engaging and exciting to people within their business. 

Today, consumers and employees engage differently. Both are more empowered than in the past, which means organisations have to work harder to connect with them. We drive that engagement by bringing “heart” into your business behaviours, through an authentic business strategy based on story and storytelling. We call this your core story. 

Why do we need a Core Story?

There’s a famous story about John F. Kennedy. While he was visiting NASA, he stopped to ask a janitor, who was mopping the floor at the facility, what he was doing. The janitor’s reply was: “I’m putting a man on the moon”.

If we communicate a Core Story, it will engage all the stakeholders in the business, bringing clarity, alignment and a clear sense of purpose across all related activities. It will create a culture in which everyone has a consistent view of the business, regardless of their role, and the market has a clear view on how the organisation can bring unique value and purpose. 


Our Approach

The Core Story Process is the process we use to help organisations establish their core story. It delivers two key elements: 

1. It facilitates the establishment of an authentic strategy. This strategy brings heart into the business by marrying business purpose, ambition and the things people care about. It uses these elements to create a unique strategy and authentic point of view. It gives the organisation a strong sense of self and a clear market position it can own, with a voice that resonates within the business and among the stakeholders. 

2. Story is how humans make sense of the world and your core story will change the way people perceive your organisation and its relevance to them. You need a story you can tell that will engage and inspire all of your stakeholders, a story in which they can see themselves. 

We use story to:

  • Establish your current business reality.
  • Identify the cultural DNA of your organisation.
  • Articulate the key business stories every organisation needs today.

Those stories are what we call ‘The Business Core Stories’: The Culture Story, The Strategy Story and The Go To Market Story.


  • Alignment across business units, departments and teams, all stakeholders have contributed and no elephants are left in the room. 
  • A strong, unique market position has been established – Authentic Strategy Definition and Culture and Strategy Story. 
  • A positive, high-performing culture has been established – Engagement plan to drive positive culture and communication. 
  • Leading with authenticity – the senior team is up-skilled to become more inspiring storytellers. 
  • You are now a story-enabled organisation – driving culture and future proofing business.

Clients include: Heineken Global, Camara and The RDS.


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