What’s the point?

Yolande Coombes Psychologist, Coach & Facilitator

For those of you with teenagers, you’ll be familiar with the sullen refrain ‘what’s the point?’ as a response to any request.

Can you ‘Do your homework?’ ‘Clean your room?’ Or heaven forbid, ‘get off your phone and talk to me!’. The tables have turned, and the ‘What’s the point’ question is now being levied at us; Millennials and Gen Z challenge what they see as a somewhat complacent ‘pale, stale and male’ leadership. Deriving meaning from work is essential; 79% of the post-pandemic workforce want alignment of values with their leader.

Changing work practices coupled with global threats from disease, war, the economy, and climate change destabilises us all.

Current political leadership is failing; employees are looking for us as business leaders to step up. Employees now value meaningful work ahead of income, job security, promotions or working hours. If you want to attract top talent, focus on meaning and connection.

Meaningful work doesn’t have to be some lofty goal. Employees are searching for companies that care. Given unprecedented rates of resignation, it’s an employee’s market, so articulating your’ point of view’ might make a difference. Your business point of view is how your staff engage and derive meaning from what they do which directly correlates to a company’s profitability. So the next time someone asks you, ‘What’s the point?’ it would be wise to be ready with an answer.

If you enjoyed this post you may be interested in our white paper “The Crisis of meaning in the workplace“.

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