Burning out and switching off – how to restart the fire

Yolande Coombes Psychologist, Coach & Facilitator

Your work life spills over into your home life; this was never more apparent than during the pandemic.

Factors such as fatigue, burnout, and stress all impact family and relationships outside work. At a time when 48 million people quit their jobs in 2021 and 41% plan to leave in 2022, it has never been more critical for you to start thinking about your staff more holistically.

Studies confirm that employee engagement is crucial to any business, and directly correlates to a company’s profitability.

Recent research by Microsoft showed the top reasons people left their jobs were poor company culture and the impact of work on mental health. A recent Gallup survey found that 60% of employees felt emotionally detached at work, and 19% were miserable. Detached, disengaged workers undermine your business culture and you as a leader. So, how can you reverse this process? 

Our research shows that practising authentic leadership provides a ‘moral compass’ to help everyone navigate towards a more positive company culture. Your staff need to be listened to, to feel validated and to be able to trust you. We must act more collaboratively, coach staff and make them feel genuinely cared for. Supportive behaviours demonstrated through authentic leadership are essential for helping employees cope with stress and improve well-being and performance. A positive company culture with engaged employees is a beacon worth striving for.

If you enjoyed this post you may be interested in our white paper “The Crisis of meaning in the workplace“.

We continually research and publish white paper which are available to download free of charge from our web site so do keep in touch.

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