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Virtual Meeting | Every Friday 9.30am or 4pm (30mins session)

Storytelling in Action

Every Friday we will host 2 Storytelling in Action sessions. These FREE 30 minute workshops are a great opportunity to work on a specific story for use in business. Pop in and practice telling your stories, share with a small group and get immediate feedback and insight from the facilitator and other participants. This is a great way to ensure you are story telling with impact and also to practice your story telling in a safe environment.

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Webinar | Third Thursday of every month

Engage and Connect Playfully

Thursday December 17th (30mins FREE webinar @11am) When was the last time you really had fun during your online meeting and felt more energised coming out than going in? Learn how to use creative and playful interventions in your online communication to keep energy, engagement and connection high. About Annemarie: TEDx speaker Annemarie Steen is Serious about Playfulness in business. Play connects, uplifts energy, boosts creativity and learning.

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Webinar | Third Thursday of every month

Keeping Connected to your Authentic Voice

Thursday January 21st (30mins FREE webinar @11am) How do we keep connected to our authentic voice all the time? Join Muireann as she brings you on a vocal journey to touch base with our often neglected breath and voice. You will be brought on a short journey of discovery, to challenge yourself in how you honour your authentic voice in the every day and in your business. This short webinar will be a mix of fun vocal and breathing drills and a space to check in with what you stand for, and if you are managing to stay connected to your own unique take on the world.
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Webinar | Third Thursday of every month

Conscious Communication 2

Thursday March 18th (30mins FREE webinar @11am) Following on from Neils Conscious Communication Webinar in November, Neil explains in a little more detail how we can remain more empathetic towards others and create cleaner communication pathways with those who we work alongside with. Neil will ask us to find that which gets in the way of better heart communication and point us the right way in improving how we communicate.

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Webinar | Third Thursday of every month

Story & Strategy

Thursday February 18th (30mins FREE webinar @11am) Kick start your new year in business with a fresh clarity on how to engage people around your business. Join Padraig Hyland as he introduces the importance of incorporating Story into your Strategy. In this short webinar, Padraig will explore the connection between Story and Strategy and how leaders can build belief, confidence and high levels of engagement with a strategy story.
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Don’t miss our FREE 30 minute webinars each month on the third Thursday for you to try. Get in touch and we can help you select which webinar will suit your needs.
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