Prepare for Impact

Prepare for Impact

How to prepare your authentic self for your next important Virtual Meeting? You’ve done all the preparation you need, your slides are ready, you understand the requirements, you know what wisdom you need to impart on your team… You are ready… But how do we really prepare to connect and engage with our audience even more fully, make an impact (wow them) and leave yourself feeling that bit more satisfied when you hang up?

Here are our best tips!


Give yourself at the very least 15 minutes before hand to prepare.

It seems to me that we are expected to be ON 24/7 at the moment. Working from home has a few setbacks… namely there is no office door to shut! When we are timetabling our meetings, try and give yourself at least 15 minutes in between.

Warn the kids, get your coffee, go to the bathroom, shut the door… This is when your 15 minutes begin.


Before you sit down, stretch your body. 

Massage your head, your face, circle your head, stretch your arms, raise and drop your shoulders, circle your hips, stand on your toes, bend your knees, circle your wrists, hop on one leg, shake it all out baby!!! (put on some music to help energise you)

This all might read as a bit of a time waster, but if you really want to make a good impression in THIS meeting, you have to leave the last meeting behind, reset and energise yourself. 

You will bring a vibrant person to your next meeting, and people will want to connect with you.


Stretch your face, and your mouth. Chew some invisible chewing gum, make silly faces, massage your jaw lines… get in there and release the tension. Take some deep breaths into your belly. Let the air out with a SHHHHHH sound.

  • Hum your favourite song… Feel vibration on your lips.
  • Do some vocal trills… silly lip trills (think of the sound a horse makes) and tongue trills.
  • Sound them out, have fun, wake up your tongue and your mouth form the inside.
  • Try and do these trills to a tune! Make some energetic sounds.
  • Sound some long notes… connect with your deep breath, make your sound strong and connected, full bodied and one that feels right.
  • If you are inclined, sing some scales… 
  • Sing some scales to the vowels… a, e, i, o, u…
  • Add an M to the vowels… ma ma ma ma ma, me me me me me, mi mi mi mi mi, mo… mu etc


Find your superhero pose that resonates with you. And hold it for at least 3 deep breaths. Eg. Stand like superman, wonder woman or raise your hands to the sky, take a wide stance…

  • Root yourself to the ground. Stretch your poser to the sky.
  • Draw a powerful bubble around you reaching the widest part of where you are stretching to. 
  • Imagine you are filling that bubble with the best of who you are, the best version of yourself that you want to share with the world.


Have an affirmation written on the wall infront of you! One that reminds you of how fabulous, intelligent, brilliant, and enough you are! One that is yours only.


Find the tune that lifts you up and boogie!

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