Strategy Story

The Core Story™ helps organisations execute strategy engagement, turning vision into action by inspiring, aligning and empowering people.

Business growth relies on engagement. Employees, customers, consumers, investors and partners must have a genuine emotive connection with your business strategy if it is to succeed.

According to Gallup (2016) organisations whose people are engaged with strategy, outperform equivalent companies by 147%, in earnings per share. For engagement and connection to be maintained, those involved need a reason to care and a reason to act so it’s not enough to convince them rationally, they must be won over emotionally as well – hearts and minds. 

We achieve this by establishing your Core Story and equipping your leadership team with storytelling techniques. They can then motivate teams with credible and compelling stories of strategic change, helping them find a meaning, purpose and a shared goal. We will ignite a storytelling culture within your organisation, celebrating its people and engaging them on the journey. 

Through ‘Strategy Story’ you develop: 

  • Your unique Authentic Strategy Story 
  • A story culture in your organisation 
  • A strategy with clarity, alignment and authenticity 


  • Accelerated strategic execution, quickly translating words into action 
  • Inspired and empowered employees: emotionally engaged in the strategic journey, clear on their role, and committed to play their part 
  • Differentiate your business and find a place you can own on the market 
  • Give clarity and alignment in a complex business environment 
  • Escalate change and growth through high engagement 
  • Drive a high-performance culture

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