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Story Telling Workshop NOTES


(Notes: Reference to previous workshops

You’ve met with your authentic voice, you’ve figured out what it is you want to say, now we play with the how, how you say it, perform it and deliver it effectively and with authenticity.)

(Notes: Participants must bring a pre prepared talk/speech/message. If they have attended the previous two masterclasses they will hopefully have a cracking talk/story to tell. We must decide on the timing of same 3-5 mins perhaps or longer?)

(Notes: Comfortable clothing, perhaps also to bring change of clothes if necessary that suits the speech? It’s one thing to practice speech in comfy clothes but then when it comes to delviering it to a hard core work crew, perhaps a rehearsal in heels might be of benefit?)

Storytelling Techniques

Your ability to use performance and oratory technique is a vital part of engaging an audience and giving them a great experience when you communicate.  This program will take you performance skills to a new level.


To engage people fully you need to bring a performance level to your speaking that makes it entertaining and engaging.  This involves building on your performance capabilities, adding new techniques that an audience will respond to and  strengthening your voice

Who is it for?

  • Business Leaders who have found their audience and want to make a high level impact.
  • Leaders who want to inspire and enthuse others around their idea.
  • Public speakers who want to give their audience an amazing experience
  • Executives who want to connect with their potential customers and differentiate their offering

What’s in it for you? 

  • The performance skill set to use to help you combine your story and your authentic self to engage and excite an audience
  • A repertoire of vocal exercises and physical tips to help you wow your audience
  • Space to test and improve your performance craft on a message that is important to you.

Journey of the day

Welcome and refreshments

Session 1: Awakening and Strengthening

This powerful session of vocal and physical warm up exercises will gather your voice to your authentic self. Games will help you connect with your voice and body bringing you fully into the day. Throughout this session you will be vocally stretched and reminded of the power of your voice. You will also connect with your own individual power and presence.

All of these tips and tools will prepare you for the day and also, give you a tool kit for further performances.

Rooted and self and Free to fly.


vocal and physical warm ups


tool kit and tips for strengthening voice…daily/pre speech etc

breath work, diction, resonance, projection, sharing and listening

Giving permission to “sound” –

Acknowledging that it is ok to be heard-the role of the listener

Singing together-joyful celebration of fully realised and authentic voice in the room)


Session 2: A Reconnecting and Presence

During this session you will reconnect with what it is you have to say. When we deliver our stories to the world we engage more fully when we are connected with what we have to say. We will test the authenticity of our messages and play with delivering our messages under fire.

A mixture of solo and group work we will explore:

What do you have to say today?

What do you have to say in your message?

How do we make sure we have presence while delivering our message?

(Notes: Worksheets

Task 1 Pairs

Asking the question How are you? Listening to the answer? Really listening.- can we really be honest? are we really being authentic to each other, are we really listening or just thinking about what we are going to say next in response? this is a short exercise to show how we think we are being really real but we are not..

Task 2 Solo work

Where are you at today? How are you?

Spending 10 mins or so writing down your thoughts on where you are at today?  Answering the question how are you? Truthfully. Taking the pen for a walk. It is important to check in with ourselves before we layer on top of that going into a pitch or presentation etc? How can we be truly authentically engaged with what you are speaking about  if our minds and hearts are elsewhere eg we are stuck on the argument we had with our parents the night before, or perhaps we are still grieving for someone we lost, or perhaps we are still out on the dance floor….where are you at today? To answer this, is to connect with where we need to go to, to be authentically connected with our speech.

This doesn’t need to be shared. This is a solo exercise to ensure a real authentic connect with self.

Task 3 Depending on the size of the group. perhaps 3 in each group 10 mins each

Introduce your speech to your small group. Give an overview of it.  What are you talking about? Try and answer these questions :

Do you feel connected to what you are talking about? Is this listener convinced too? Why?

in this speech-Who are you talking to? Why?

Without going into too much detail, are you sure you have stories in your speech? if you are not sure, perhaps check with your listeners over lunch.)

Prerequisite: Participants must bring a 5 min pre prepared talk presentation or story that they have worked on and learnt before the day.


Session 3: A Breakthrough

We will perform our talks to the group.

This will be the first outing to discover what works, what feels right and what needs to be improved upon. What needs to be thrown out, what needs to be brought in.

We will explore the pitfalls we associate with talking or performing to a group of people. Such as: speech learning techniques,stage fright, audience size, the space you are speaking in (room size), our default settings, losing our “self” to the crowd.


1 Preparing for stepping on stage

increasing energy/vocal checklist/breath work to calm/power poses/increasing presence etc

2.Performance check list handout

this checklist is something listeners can have to take a scan of during and after each speech. This helps train the ear as to what is working and what is not.

One would hope that we are entering these speeches/talks with our authenticity in tact- this stage is just about whether the performance works or not

Is this performance loud enough/expressive enough/honest enough/entertaining enough/passionate enough/vulnerable enough/insightful enough/ is there enough stillness/ is there enough action/ is there any laughter etc etc add your own… P n S

Is there room for more action? More images?

3 Pitfalls…

Addressing the different pitfalls that we may encounter while getting on or being on stage. we will prob use different participants and their own challenges as teaching tools.

learning lines – how do you learn yours? tips on same

nerves-how to deal with them, understanding them and quietening them (lack of practice, practice, practice and, attention on self as opposed to the why you have to say what you are saying)

connecting with your own authenticity …does this still feel right? tools to fix it if it doesn’t, how do we remain passionate and connected

projection to the appropriate size of room, what to do with my eyes, my hands, my feet)


Session 4: Performance- feel the fear and do it anyway

A final, full performance using the speakers check list, and checking in with the audience list.

This final performance will be filled with joy, passion and authenticity. A listening engaged audience at your disposal.

Speakers Check List

Audience Feedback List


Speakers Check list

Rehearse Rehearse Rehearse

Words-Text/Vocal Exercise that works for you (pick ones that work) Is the energy right

Does this feel right?

Can I be passionate/enthusiastic about this?

Who am I talking to?

What am I talking about?


Listeners Check List

Do you feel comfortable and in safe hands with this speaker?

Can you hear everything?

Do you follow it? Does it make sense?

Could you summarize the speech in 2/3 sentences? Do.

Were you entertained?

Did you gain insight?

What is the underlying feeling you have when it is over?

Any suggestions to improve?