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Business growth will be dictated by its ability to engage staff, customers and partners around its growth strategy and its product or service. This requires you as the business owner to have clarity about what your business is about, why it is exciting and have the ability to communicate it in an engaging way. Using story techniques the Core Story Process will define your authentic strategy and create a business story that will stand out and make an impact.

We will give you an understanding of how Story and Strategy will create higher engagement that will drive change and growth within your business.

If you are driving growth or change within your organisation this is the programme for you.

Story and Strategy

In order to stand out and connect with your customers, consumers and employees you have to work harder than ever before.   This workshop will show you a unique process (The Core Story Authentic Strategy Process (TM)) of how to use story to find an authentic strategy that will engage and excite people around your business and your products.


Engaging and exciting people about a strategy or change is becoming more difficult for organisations. The consumer and employee are more empowered and harder to engage and excite. Yet, your business growth will be dictated by your ability to engage people around it. Your employees, customers, consumers, investors and partners need a real and emotive connection with your business strategy if they are to engage with it.

An authentic strategy is a set of strategy and culture statements driven by purpose, authenticity and the heart of the organisations. These statements will drive all key decisions and actions towards your goals and vision. This will lead to an authentic and engaging strategy that will connect emotionally with stakeholders. This is needed in the current business environment if you want to:

  • Drive high engagement levels to escalate change and growth
  • Give clarity and alignment in a complex business environment
  • Differentiate your business and find a place you can own on the market
  • Engage and excite employees and the market around your business

This workshop brings you on a journey that ensures your strategy is authentic, purpose driven and differentiated in the market place.


  • Business leaders who want to find an authentic winning business  strategy and vision that will engage and motivate their team and differentiate them in the marketplace.
  • Leaders who want to accelerate growth and make an impact on their market and industry.
  • Leaders who want to be more authentic
  • Clarity on your company vision, strategy and purpose
  • Differentiation and your own niche or place in the market
  • A growth strategy that excites you and your staff, is driven by purpose and increases sales
  • Knowledge of how to reach and engage people, with communications that create an emotional connection
  • Bring your company vision to life

Journey of the day

Welcome and refreshments

Introducing Story and strategy principles and exploring the stories associated with your business today.

Using story technique to establish emotive connections with your business.

Reviewing and examining the authentic stories to discover the unique point of view that will engage and excite people around your business.

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29 January

Story and Strategy

January 29, 2020 Dublin City TBC 650.00
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19 February

Story for Strategy

February 19, 2020 650.00
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19 March

Story for Strategy

March 19, 2020 Dublin City TBC 650.00
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Then most valuable piece of information and idea was that of how to construct a story and deliver a message to a person or persons that are interested in my product. The process of crafting the story as part of the pitch. For me the golden nugget was to always remain my authentic self. Another really great workshop with practical learning. The elements of authenticity and communicating your story and expressing our passion are often overlooked when presenting ideas. We tend to focus on selling our idea and forgetting about selling ourselves. This workshop was helpful not only in reminding me of its importance but also has provided tools and approaches that I can adopt when presenting my idea.

DIT New Frontiers participants, Limerick

Effective communication is powerful and a definite in a thriving business but always something that eluded me. Attending the Masterclass last week has not only given me the tools to know how to communicate more effectively but also the motivation to seek out speaking activities and put myself in the centre, instead of the background. The biggest take home for me was around permission and the use of story to communicate meaning to clients and/or potential clients. If you struggle with getting your message ‘out there’ or even knowing what to say to clients then I’d definitely recommend this course. It’s a great day of learning, exploration and most of all, fun!.

Orla Mc Laughlin Nutrition Practitioner | MSc, Dip NT, mNTOI, CNHC , Health By Orla