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Story and Strategy in Business

Your business growth will be dictated by your ability to engage people (customers, consumers, investors, partners) around it. This requires you to have clarity about what your business is about, why it is exciting and have the ability to communicate it in an engaging way. Speaker Padraig Hyland is CEO of The Core Story and has been invited to address business audiences in Europe, Australia, Africa and the Americas. His presentation “Strategy & Story in Business” has received outstanding feedback from decision-makers in pre-start, early-start and established / growth-orientated companies.

Padraig Hyland is a specialist in business strategy and engagement. He is a thought leader in the evolution of authentic strategy and using story to evolve leadership and engage audiences. He has designed a framework, The Core Story Process™, to create authentic strategies that will engage and excite audiences. It has been successful in many global blue-chip organisations such as Heineken, Smurfit Kappa and Paddy Power. He has appeared on BBC TV and also written and performed stand-up comedy shows for the Edinburgh Festival based on a coaching theme. His presentation “Strategy & Story in Business” has received outstanding feedback from decision-makers in pre-start, early-start and established / growth-orientated companies.


  • Public speakers who want to give their audience an amazing experience
  • Leaders who want to engage an audience around a change or a strategy
  • Executives who want to connect with their potential customers and differentiate their offering
  • Leaders who want to use public speaking to promote their business or career
  • An understanding of the intrinsic value of your authentic voice
  • How you uniquely impact an audience
  • How you can connect with and influence an audience
  • Exercises on how to develop and strengthen your physical voice
  • A greater understanding of your unique perspective and what you want to say

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Then most valuable piece of information and idea was that of how to construct a story and deliver a message to a person or persons that are interested in my product. The process of crafting the story as part of the pitch. For me the golden nugget was to always remain my authentic self. Another really great workshop with practical learning. The elements of authenticity and communicating your story and expressing our passion are often overlooked when presenting ideas. We tend to focus on selling our idea and forgetting about selling ourselves. This workshop was helpful not only in reminding me of its importance but also has provided tools and approaches that I can adopt when presenting my idea.

DIT New Frontiers participants, Limerick

Effective communication is powerful and a definite in a thriving business but always something that eluded me. Attending the Masterclass last week has not only given me the tools to know how to communicate more effectively but also the motivation to seek out speaking activities and put myself in the centre, instead of the background. The biggest take home for me was around permission and the use of story to communicate meaning to clients and/or potential clients. If you struggle with getting your message ‘out there’ or even knowing what to say to clients then I’d definitely recommend this course. It’s a great day of learning, exploration and most of all, fun!.

Orla Mc Laughlin Nutrition Practitioner | MSc, Dip NT, mNTOI, CNHC , Health By Orla

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