Elevate your Presence

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Elevate your Presence

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* Request a free 15-minute call back to get insight on how the programme might be of benefit to you.

Today, it is difficult to stand out, so it is the business that tells the best story that wins.

Unique Core Story techniques are used to enable each participant to enhance their personal presence, deliver presentations with impact and create a strong emotional connection with their clients and other stakeholders. Group coaching ensures each member can share support and accountabilities to take action.

6 sessions, 2.5hr online sessions once a week over 6 weeks (for a group, 1hrs for individuals)

Group incl. 6 participants.


Key Takeaways:

  • Personal Presence: Enabling deeper connections by speaking to the heart and mind using your authentic voice.
  • The Power of Story: The ability to structure a great presentation and bring people on a journey.
  • Performance Technique: Develop Storytelling and Oratory technique, enabling you to deliver dialogue, not report on the dialogue.


The Programme Journey (6×2.5 hour sessions)

  • Session 1: Storytelling – Finding your Authentic Voice
  • Session 2: How Story Works
  • Session 3: Engaging an Audience
  • Session 4: High Impact Pitch – Presentation Structure
  • Session 5: Elevate your Performance
  • Session 6: Make your Pitch

The Journey

  • Exploring your authentic voice and what your intrinsic value to an audience is.
  • Learning the basics of story structure and understanding the value of crafting the right story.
  • Understanding audience behaviour and how to use The Core Story Processto engage and excite them.
  • Exploring pitch structures to journey into creating an energetic and impactful pitch or presentation.
  • Embracing performance skills to enable you to deliver an energised and dynamic pitch or presentation.
  • Combining all your new skills together to perform an impactful pitch. Sharing your unique and authentic voice with others.

This course has been successfully delivered to C-Suite and Senior leaders within major multinationals such as Sage, Accenture, and Takeda. 



How it works?


Within 24 hours of booking you will receive an email scheduling your first meeting.

The Plan

During the first meeting your personalised objectives will be set and a schedule set for delivery of the remaining 12 sessions.


Your personal Core Story coach will tailor the program to meet your objectives through a blended learning approach.


Coaching is delivered in a variety of ways depending on your needs and circumstances: Online meetings, webinars, town halls, masterclasses, In-house training, in your office… wherever you are.

No. While The Core Story’s methods and approaches are based on key proven elements, the process is entirely bespoke with courses tailored to your needs. Why not contact us to find out more?

The Core Story uses a variety of techniques drawn on a number of creative and business disciplines, including acting, strategy development, leadership development, broadcasting, and journalism.

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