Story and Strategy Consulting

Engaging and exciting people about a strategy or change is becoming more difficult for organisations. The consumer and employee are more empowered and harder to engage and excite. Yet, your business growth will be dictated by your ability to engage people around it. Your employees, customers, consumers, investors and partners need a real and emotive connect with your business strategy if they are to engage with it. To excite people in business you need to engage the whole human. This means engaging the heart as much as the mind. When we do that, real engagement can occur.

The Core Story™ strategy consultancy specialises in helping organisation’s establish an authentic and engaging strategy that will connect emotionally with stakeholders.  This is needed in the current business environment if you want to:

  • Escalate change and growth through high engagement

  • Give clarity and alignment in a complex business environment
  • Differentiate your business and find a place you can own on the market
  • Engage and excite employees and the market around your business
  • Drive a high-performance culture

The Core Story Process™ brings you and your team on a journey that ensures your strategy is authentic and is delivered in a way that creates a connection with the audience it is intended for.

The Core Story Strategy Programme can deliver some or all of the following:

  • Strategy testing and alignment
  • Stories that will excite and engage customers, senior management, board, staff
  • Masterclasses in storytelling and pitching
  • A story culture in your organisation
  • An online story platform
  • Core Story train the trainer workshops for key culture drivers

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